The Last House in Ballymakea

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Junior Crehan.
1908 - 1998

The Last House in Ballymakea

Double CD

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List of Tracks: 

Disc One
1. The Luachrachán © (Story & Jig) 16:40
2. The Pipe on the Hob/Scully Casey's (Jigs) 2:113.
4. Lamest for Willie Clancy © (Song) 2:585.
6. Farewell to Miltown Malbay © / Mother's Delight (Reels) 2:127.
3. A Stór mo Chroí - Love of my Heart (Slow Air) 1:46
6. The Last House in Ballymakea © (Hornpipe) 1:46
7. Caoineadh an tSagairt-The Priest's Lament (Slow Air) Caisleán an Óir - The Golden Castle © (Hornpipe) 8:56
8. Making Children by Steam (Song) 2:25
9. Planxty Davis (Hornpipe or Long Dance 2/4 time) 3:48
10. An Páistín Fionn - The Fair-Haired Child (Slow Air) 1:50
11. Redigans/Music in the Glen (Reels) 2.33

Disc Two

1. The Mist Covered Mountain © /Scully Casey's (Jigs) 2:20
2. An Raibh Tú ag an gCarraig-Were you at the Rock (Slow Air) 4:12
3. The Old Torn Petticoat/ The Green Fields of America (Reels) 2:28
4. The Christmas Letter (Song) 4:41
5. Emigration (Dialogue) 2:44
6. The West Clare Railway © (Reel) 1:05
7. God Save Ireland (March)/Sweet Biddy Daly (Jig) 2:37
8. Pigeon on the Gate/Gardiners/Dogs Among the Bushes/ Gan Ainm. (Reels) 4:53
9. Bonaparte's Retreat (Set Dance) 3:05
10. Country House Dance (Dialogue) 3:38
11. Lament for the Country House Dance © (Slow Air) 1:47
12. The Humours of Bandon (Set Dance) 1:44
13. Caoineadh Bean Uí Chiarraí (Dialogue & Slow Air) 3:59
14. Gan Ainm/The Connaught Man's Rambles (Jigs) 2:18


Extract from Sleeve Notes: 

About Junior Crehan

This compact disc has been compiled as a tribute to Junior Crehan (1908-1998). It gives a complete picture of the man, the musician, storyteller, singer and composer. Best known to us, his children, he was a unique figure in that he embodied a direct link with the past and remained a symbol of the continuity of tradition down the years. Because of what he passed on, it is very important to have this continuity unbroken. A compilation of his work has not been previously in the public domain. Therefore, it is a very valuable contribution to the treasury of traditional arts. This work has been compiled from many recordings of his music, storytelling, song and tune compositions from the 1950's onwards. The CD gives people the opportunity to hear fiddle music in the true, pure West Clare traditional style and it identifies the impact he has made in the world of Irish Traditional Culture. Included in the collection is a recording of a song from Junior's wife Cissie, (born 1910 and thankfully still with us), recorded in 1958, and a recording of Junior's mother, affectionately known as 'Baby' (1876-1968), playing concertina at 87 years of age. These are true examples of a tradition being handed down.

Ita Crehan


Other Information: 

Format: Double CD with booklet
Label:MJC 1908

Last House
Double CD
Junior Crehan